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Single Lock-on Grip, Mac Askill

Single Lock-on Grip, Mac Askill Schwarz

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Extrathin foam grips

Medium/Hard compound

Reduced inner diameter to avoid sliping problems with the handlebar

These grips are great to keep out the water and sweat, keeping the grip properties

2mm thickness, really thin, offering a high control on the bike

Cool Clean graphics on white in both grips

2 end pugs with star nut shape are included

Outer diameter when the grips are installed is 24.2mm

Extra large lenght 152mm

Weight: 36.6g (end pugs included)


CHF 8.00

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Comas Carbonlenker Highriser


- Trial handlebar made of Carbon fiber with special geometry according to the new riding trends.

- Higher overall height and extremes with less angulation allowing greater mobility in driving.

- It allows to lower the gravity center of the stem maintaining the position of the handlebar (without negative angle).

- Manufactured using variable thicknesses to achieve an excellent combination of stiffness and weight.

- Ø31.8 mm diameter compatible with most of the stems used in Trial.

- Incorporates central markings to fix the handlebar on the stem in proper position.

- Non slip sufaces in grips and stem area to avoid handlebar turning.

- Its design provides excellent grip and durability.

- Suitable for use in competition and or training.


- Carbon fiber


- Length: 720mm

- Upward: 8º

- Backward: 6º

- Rise: 105mm


- UD Black matt with COMAS graphics in White and Grey


- 200g

Comas Carbonlenker Highriser

CHF 160.00

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Carbon fiber handlebars.

Central diameter is 31.8mm, suitable with all the stems in the market. Diameter in the sides is 22.2mm, compatible with all grips, no matter i fis wrap, foam or rubber.

Sand texture in the center allows a great grip between stem and handlebar. There is 60mm of this texture so all stem will fit inside this.

Marks in the center and the sides are perfect to use as a guide to cut your handlebar and know the position you are using in the center. Great to control it if you are running two bikes with the same set up.

Great Clean Trials white graphics combined with the carbón fiber UD looks great.

Available in two different sizes. 103mm is orientated to 20” bikes, and 107mm is orientated to 26” bikes, due of its geometry, you will always keep a natural position on your wrists if you use your handlebars further forwards.

Weight: 199g.




Width: 730mm

Total rise: 103mm

Upsweep: 12º

Backsweep: 9º



CHF 150.00

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X2 20" FORK

New aluminium fork, tapered to match our new frames.

Suitable with our last generation frames, but also Crewkerz, Ozonys, Echo and Monty will match these forks.

The steerer tube is machined in one piece to improve strenght and stiffness. This time is tapered (1/5”), it means a big improvement if we compared with standard 1 1/8” forks.

Inner butted ensures the perfect thickness in the key areas.

Integrated Crown race system, it means the bearing fits directly wit the fork, in the área specially machined for it. Removes the need of splitted Crown race, being really easy to install the front end of your bike.

Disc mount / HS mount + dropout machined in CNC compatible with all calipers in the market.

Oval main tubes to keep a the better fork performance and also a great look.

Minimalist dropouts, integrated with the main tubes to have a perfect match.

Available in black anodised finished with White and red Clean graphics.

Weight: 777g



Axle to Crown lenght: 370mm

Axle offset: 40mm

Steerer tube length: 190mm


X2 20" FORK

CHF 140.00

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Suitable with any fork or stem in the market

Available in 5mm only

Available in 3K finish, without any graphics

Sold singly

Weight: 2.1g



CHF 1.20

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Vorbau Clean 90mmx35

Clean Trials 35º stem

Made in high quality 6061 T6 aluminium alloy.

Handlebar clamp features 4bolts and 31.8mm diameter (oversized), suitable with all the handlebars in the Trials market.

Those 4 bolts are M6x18mm.

50mm tall stem clamp comes with two M6x20mm steel bolts.

Available in black anodised with Clean graphics.


Weight: 138g in 90mm, 214g in 150mm and 232g in 180mm

Vorbau Clean 90mmx35

CHF 52.00

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